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A B O U T   U S   -   R E V I E W    A N D    V A R I O U S


                                              Our fundamental editorial concept

Rainbow Classics passionately dedicated to only 20th century solo, chamber, and Orchestral music, the rediscovery of forgotten repertoire, with the related desire to publish the great Italian and European instrumental repertoire of the 20th century.
Founded in 1996, Rainbow Classics led off in 1998 with the vision topromote emerging soloist, chamber music artists by releasing recordings and to contribute at the same time to the enlargement of chamber music repertory.

Today the company runs many main labels:

Rainbow Ancient is dedicated to ancient music on period instruments.
Rainbow Classics Gold presents chamber music from classic to contemporary.
Rainbow Classics Ęterna releases include great repertory in Special CD box and elegant Digipacks.
Electron Tubes introduces classic and experimental music of research.
Marigold - Include Great popular choral music in northern Italy
Eagle Vision - DVD of various issues, history, popular culture, opera, theater from '700 to the modern, live performances, teaching instrumental and general music.

The R&S Highdigitech recording technique underlines our commitment to the artists and their interpretations. With a release rhythm of 15/16 new recordings a year, every CD / SACD stands for mindfulness and exceptional qualities of the presented artist and the repertoire.

Rainbow Classics evaluate and consider proposals for publishing editorials unreleased music repertory from 1650 to the present day.
You may contact for general information and specific questions Miss Brigitte Knape e-mail or send proposals to info@rainbowclassical.com also in mp3 format to rainbowcds@hotmail.it.

                                                         Rainbow Classics editorial project & Customer Service production
                                                                                                         Brigitte Knape

                                                                                Rainbow Classics greets her beloved guests.

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